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Beth Mar 1st 2017

I just realised that you have to be logged in to see my previous post….so here it is again. Hopefully you can all see this!

Hi everyone…some of you might have heard that I’ve been thinking about a fundraiser for the club called the ‘Black Combe Mountain Festival’. The initial idea is to have an afternoon or evening of inspirational local speakers talking about challenging expeditions and achievements in a wide variety of mountain and adventure sports, such as running, mountaineering, cycling, kayaking and climbing…

Thought it might be a fun way to raise money for our new Juniors section and for a local charity. I’m keen to get your initial views to see whether the idea is worth pursuing.

Please could you spare 5 mins to answer a few questions here:

If you could get back asap it would be appreciated!

Beth Mar 21st 2017

Thanks everyone for taking the time to complete the survey - the results have been very helpful! I'm just sorting a couple of things out, but will be keen to have some help tracking down suitable speakers in the next couple of weeks... I'll send through more details shortly.

Beth May 15th 2017

Hello everyone!

Quick update on Black Combe Mountain Festival plans – it’s starting to look good! :bigsmile:
There are a couple of areas I need help with (HIGHLIGHTED IN CAPS). Let me know what you think!!

Date Sat 11th November

Time Evening (event timings TBC) but will need BCR support 17:00 – 23:00

Location Broughton Victory Hall, provisionally booked. I have booking form but need to discuss with Pete about payment stuff. Only issue I can see is with parking as there isn’t much near the venue, so we’ll need a plan. Photos of venue will be uploaded to BCR Dropbox for committee members to view in due course.

Event compere/host The fabulous Mike Vogler!

Speakers (now confirmed) Ideally we want six on the line up (great list so far!!): – Mike Jones (Ultra running) – Tim Ripper (Whitewater kayaking Nepal) – Dave Rogers (Climbing Lotus Tower, Canada) – Sarah Hooper (Canoeing Canada) – Dave Scott-Maxwell (Climbing/Mountaineering)

- Dave Birkett has expressed interest in supporting but contact is difficult and he is unconfirmed.

Catering Hazel is kindly supporting with this one! :) Jane at Square unable to help, but has recommended alternative caterer familiar with Broughton Victory Hall venue. We are awaiting quotes.

Sound equipment Dave Watson has kindly agreed to help set up sound (and I think lighting..?) for the event. Details to be agreed! :)

Visual equipment Need to source a projector and large screen from somewhere – CAN ANYONE HELP WITH THIS? Either though friends in local film clubs that might be able to lend us something on the cheap, or know companies that can give us a quote. We need a big screen as expecting over 100 people.

Public liability insurance
No idea – not looked into this properly yet, anyone have experience in this area? ANYONE KNOW WHERE WE CAN GET AFFORDABLE QUOTES? I have seen provisional quotes for up to £100 which seems pricey for a small community event…

Music licence
Have contacted PRS for music license but we are already covered by the existing venue license, providing ticket prices do not exceed £20 – woop woop! I’m expecting to pump out some good choons whilst people arrive etc….to create a good exciting buzz about the event. :)

WILL – DO YOU THINK WE CAN USE THE FELL RACE WEBSITE FOR PEOPLE TO PAY ONLINE FOR TICKETS? I will need some help/a VOLUNTEER to help with ticket management (some people will want to pay cash/cheque)...let me know if you’re able to help! :)

Hall set up/decor
Can sort closer to the time but would like to set up a decent BCR stand at the event, perhaps flanked by the BCR feather banners? Any volunteers for planning this element would be very welcome. Would need to be nicely set up on the day – ideally begging/borrowing materials from across the club (e.g. tablecloth/whatever needed). We can print off some recent newsies for the stand, maybe have BCR car stickers available…anything spare T-shirts etc. we can sell on the day to make a bit of extra dosh for the club/BCR juniors. IDEAS WELCOME! VOLUNTEERS?!

That’s all for the moment. The programme, ticket pricing, promotion, logistics, roles on the day etc. will need sorting out, but we can deal with that over the next few weeks. Likely to need a special meeting to get things nailed down and divide up labour.

Let me know what you think…any thoughts at this stage welcome!


verbs May 18th 2017

I will ask Paul Taylor of Broughton Film club whether we can use their projector and screen. I think it actually lives in the Victory Hall.

Beth May 19th 2017

That would be fantastic Ian, thank you! Sounds perfect.
I'm guessing they'll have a good sized screen for the film club? We're expecting about 100 people for our event.
Thank you!!

annalup May 21st 2017

Nice work Beth! Yikes, this date clashes with the FRA annual presentation dinner. Is the date set in stone now? It’d be a shame to clash because some of our members hopefully will make an appearance at the FRA presentation (female team and Harv and others for the Lakeland Classics).

annalup May 21st 2017

P.S. I wasn’t being sarcastic when I said nice work Beth – I really did mean great effort organising this! :-)

Beth May 25th 2017

Hi everyone,

Dates were run past the committee...We chose the date because:

Sat 5th Nov Bonfire night
Sat 11th Nov Dunnerdale, FRA dinner
Sat 17th Nov Kendal Mountain Festival (16-19)
Sat 25th Nov Kirkby Moor, Dickensian Fest

Earlier puts you into half term and reduces the amount of time we have for event promotion, later puts you into Xmas parties. We thought this date would get the maximum draw of external people coming...

All speakers, venue and catering are confirmed as available on this date, so if we change the date this will all need to be rearranged.

At the time of planning dates with the committee I didn't realise that the FRA dinner involved presentation of Champs awards (having never been or really heard anyone from BCR going previously). This has never really been a big event in the BCR calendar before but Becca has already said that if the ladies do well in the Champs she will be going to FRA dinner not the festival, and I imagine she's not the only one...but I don't know if there would be a lot of people going from BCR?

What would you do....?!

Beth May 25th 2017

What should we do then...? (help please!)

Are lots of people planning to go to the FRA dinner then?

Need a general consensus soon as lots of people to contact if we decide changing the date would be best.


Pete T May 25th 2017

Sorry Beth, been out this morning. Of the dates, Sat 4th looks like the best realistic alternative (I don't think bonfire night would be an issue). Looking at both options, one is definitely possible as we know (the 11th). The other probably would swing on availability of the hall and the performers - the food (Haze says) is flexible this far out.

The absentees on the 11th could be 4-6 people if we get a women's team prize in the English Champs, the only other possibility I think could be Lakeland Classics (3-6 people if we get a team prize). I also guess some people from other clubs who may have stayed on after Dunnerdale could be off the the FRA do - though those people who may have stayed after Dunnerdale wouldn't be here on the earlier weekend anyway, so little difference.

So a small number of people implicated. I guess if I was one of those picking up a prize I'd want to do both, so the only question would be precluding a small number of people being involved.

It looks pretty even overall, the first date would preclude people from other clubs coming along (and we don't know whether there would be many of these or not) and the second date would preclude some club members attending (and we have to win the prizes yet). We guess the main audience would be club members and local people, so should we maximise those? It would be good to know the opinion of those who may be on the potential prize list.

Pete 'n Haze

annalup May 25th 2017

Sounds like it’d be a complete pain to re-organise, I hadn’t realised the planing had gone so far.

I’ll be going to the FRA do as usual, prize or no, but it’s not worth changing the date just for me – not sure how the other potential prize winners feel…

Beth Jun 5th 2017

Hello everyone,

Just a quick note to confirm that we’ve agreed to keep the same date for the Black Combe Mountain Festival. The event will be on the evening of *Saturday 11th November*, so please get the date in your diary!

We now have all speakers confirmed for this date and I’ll be putting together a draft programme in due course…will keep you posted!

Thanks all,