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  Will Feb 8th 2017

For this year’s Summer Challenge, Sue and I have suggested that we repeat Coleridge’s Circumcursion of the Lakes, except more quickly and with more hills. He did it in nine days in the summer of 1802, carried a supply of tea leaves, visited all the country houses and relied on this map:

which works our roughly as this:

It’s a long way. Total is about 62 miles on foot and 28 miles on the bike, and it will take between 20 and 24 hours depending how much people want to hurry. These are the suggested legs:

1. Coniston to Brantwood swim (1200m)
2. Brantwood to Grasmere over Black Crag and Loughrigg (10m)
3. Grasmere to Keswick over Ullscarf (13m) or Helvellyn if you prefer
4. Keswick to Buttermere over Sail (8m)
5. Buttermere to Ennerdale over Red Pike, very likely continuing from leg 4 because it’s still the middle of the night (6m)
6. Bike from Ennerdale to Wasdale Head via the tea room at St Bees (28m)
7. Wasdale to Eskdale via Sca Fell (7m) with ropes down Broad Stand
8. Eskdale to Ulpha via Devoke (8.5m)
9. Ulpha to Coniston over the Old Man (9.5m) and anything else you fancy

If anyone feels competent to run with enough gear and rope Broad Stand when they get there, that’s great. Otherwise we will arrange for someone to be there.

Everyone not running the last leg is encourage to meet up on the Walna Scar or the Old Man, run down to the main jetty in a big gang and jump off the end.

There will be a bring-your-own barbecue on the lake shore from 4pm onwards. Stately pleasure dome not guaranteed.

At the AGM we picked out the weekend of July 1st, starting late Friday afternoon and finishing on the afternoon of Saturday 1st, and that still looks like the best date.

Attached: a summary map of the legs, and an estimated timetable with distance and climb and person-in-charge of each leg. Apologies to those who did not realise they had volunteered.

Please say below if you fancy any of these legs. There will be a Facebook event later and I expect a few recces in late spring to get the route and timing right.

We will add some interesting details to the final challenge.

Petros Feb 10th 2017

I would like to do leg 2, 8 or 9.

valdaree Feb 10th 2017

Bike for me please

robmck Feb 10th 2017

Another corker from Will. Not too sure if i will be available but 1, 8 or 9 for me

harv Feb 11th 2017

"Everyone should have 2 or 3 hives of bees. Bees are easier to keep than a dog or a cat. They are more interesting than gerbils."
4 and 5 for me please.

Pup Harris Feb 11th 2017

Cheers for sorting this will, it looks bloody brilliant! I'm keen to do whichever legs but just found out it clashes with the Saunders Mountain Marathon on 1st/2nd July!

Once Saunders MM location has been revealed I may be able to take a detour to join you guys. Fingers crossed the overnight campsite is in a convenient location to pop-out to join in with the summer challenge.

Beth Feb 12th 2017

"People of humour are always in some degree people of genius."
Any leg for me, though preferences are 3/7/8. Also happy to go for a dip! :)
Thanks for arranging!

Becca Feb 14th 2017

Sorry Will but me and Matt are already signed up to do the Ultimate Trails 55km that date as I had the misfortune to win an entry to it and then Matt foolishly agreed to do it with me. Great idea though :)

  garethbrown Mar 13th 2017

Leg 9 plus the swim please.

  Will 7 days ago it was ‘every man his own pathmaker’, & I went directly cross it-upon soft mossy Ground, with many a hop, skip, & jump, & many an occasion for observing the Truth of the old Saying: ‘where Rushes grow, A Man may go’.

The Summer Challenge is coming up next weekend, so it’s time to choose your leg. A proper explanation is attached below – with poems – but here’s a quick summary of the running order:

1.  Swim from Coniston to Brantwood: 3/4 mile
    Beth, Gareth, maybe Helen 2

2.  Easy run from Brantwood to Dove Cottage via Tarn Hows: 10 miles / 2500 feet
    Sue, Helen 1, Peter, Helen 2.

3.  Big night run from Dove Cottage to Newlands via Ullscarf (or maybe Helvellyn): 13 miles / 2950ft
    Tim, Beth, John

4.  Big dawn run from Newlands to Ennerdale via Buttermere and many hills: 13.8 miles / 6200ft
    Tim, Harv, Matt

5.  Bike leg from Ennerdale to Wasdale via St Bees: 28 miles / 1800ft
    Val, Darren, Chris

6.  Moderate run from Wasdale Head to Eskdale via Sca Fell and Broad Stand: 7 miles, 3400ft
    Will, James, Lynn, Richard

7.  Easy run from Eskdale to Ulpha via Devoke: 8.5 miles / 2000ft
    Dave, Phil, Rob

8.  Long finish: Ulpha to Coniston via the Old Man: 9.4 miles / 3400 feet
    Pete, Hazel, Gareth

8½. Short finish: Walna Scar road to Coniston: 

Please put your name down here or on Facebook for the leg(s) you would like.

The current timetable has the swim starting at 5pm on Friday 31st and the last leg jumping into the lake at 4pm on Saturday 1st, after which we’ll have a barbecue on the lake shore. Please check your route and let me know if you need more or less time.

Details of transportation will be worked out once we know who’s doing what, and you will all get your final instructions from Sue just before the day.

Pup Harris 5 days ago

Cheers for sorting this Will! Really looks great. Unfortunately my leg will still be in a cast on 1st July but I may be able to hop along on my crutches for the last section from Walna Scar to Coniston.

Best of luck!

Matt 4 days ago

I would like to test my fitness and join Tim for the two legs between Dove Cottage and Ennerdale. I reserve the right to bail at Newlands if I am dragging down the pace of the team. Regardless of if I shame myself, I will return for the BBQ with Tor and Felix.

Beth 4 days ago

A shirt
A cravat
2 pairs of stockings
A nightcap
A quantity of paper and pens
Book of German poetry
Supply of tea

...weirdest looking kit list I've ever seen...

This is ace Will, love it.

lou 3 days ago

I am now back running and would like to do leg 7 if that would be okay.

jamieb 1 day ago

Is that Matt’s kit-list?

Nick 1 day ago

Leg 9 please Will, Sorry it's a bit late!

Zokko! 18 hours ago

Finding I am free on Saturday I would also like to join in on the last leg over the Old Man.

Chris Roberts

valdaree 2 hours ago

I'm still OK for the bike section on Saturday morning :shocked: