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annalup Feb 3rd 2017

We now have 7 BCRs entered for Long Mynd on 25th March, the first race in the English fell champs:

Lizzie Browne
Rob Browne
James Harris
Anna Lupton
Lou Lyness
John Millen
Rebecca Rooke

That’s a veritable club trip hurrah!

Anyone else fancy it? Jackie Casey is thinking about it too. Entries are at 454 out of a max of 550.

It’s 11.5 miles and 1372m / 4501ft climb. So 2hours ish of racing. Lots of climb and descent but apparently nice and runnable, nothing boggy/technical.

Race info here:

Enter here:

You know you want to!

Pete T Feb 3rd 2017

We're both in now as well:cool:

Rookie Feb 4th 2017

And so am I so that makes BCR men's and women's teams. When did that last happen at an English Champs race that wasn't on Black Combe?

Nick Feb 5th 2017

And another........

lou Feb 5th 2017

I am having problems with my hamstring at present, so not sure if I will be back running in time for this race.
I ran this a few years ago when it was a championship race--the climbs are tough!!
With Hazel now entered there is a good womens team.

Rookie Feb 5th 2017

Hop you get better in time Lou but yes we have a cracking women's team. Entries now open for race 2 of the Champs at Barnoldswick Weets
Entries on old fashioned paper forms in an envelope with a stamp. Mine, Becca's and Sophie's is in the post. Ladies get a team out and build on your early success (I'm confident) at Long Mynd!

Rookie Feb 5th 2017

Route map

Rookie Feb 5th 2017

Entry form

Rookie Feb 20th 2017

Another good BCR ladies team will be at Barnoldswick Weets

Any more men want to join me and Pete? Anna and Becca will probably beat us so we'd already have a good open team, but with them being in a separate race I don't know if it really will be open teams or men's teams.

Rookie Feb 20th 2017

PS. There is an entry list on the link above so check you are on it if you have sent in a form.

john_millen Feb 21st 2017

I sent off my form on Friday. :-D

richard w Feb 21st 2017

I've just signed up for the Long Mynd race, as it is not too far from us. I'm a bit concerned about the hill climbs but hopefully I will make it round!!
For anyone else who is thinking about entering, I was number 496, so if it is 500 limit, there are only a few spots left.

john_millen Feb 21st 2017

Are you running for us, Rich?!? :-)

Pete T Feb 21st 2017

Good to hear Rich, we'll see you there.

richard w Feb 21st 2017

Hi John. Yes (if that's ok), I will have to dust down my BC vest and I don't think I will be much of an asset ;) but looking forward to seeing you all there.
Pete - will sort out our fees for this year for fell membership again but I know it is not much anyway

annalup Feb 26th 2017

Will be great to see you at Long Mynd Rich! (limit is 550 so there are still entries left)

Rookie Mar 2nd 2017

Tebay entries now open on sientries. Another strong women's team with Becca, Anna, Lyn, Lou and Sophie. Still room for more!

Rookie Mar 22nd 2017

Those running Long Mynd see the post from jtinnion here:

Check point 5 is not as shown on the Pete Bland map.

Sophie Mar 22nd 2017

Also does anybody know where the black combe big flags things are?
Apparently someone took them after the relays, if you have them and are coming to Long Mynd, please bring them or tell me where they are thanks :bigsmile:

Rookie Mar 22nd 2017

Checkpoint 5 is actually as on this map in green. North of where it is on Pete Bland map. Don't miss it and go right down the hill to have to climb up again!

Rookie Mar 25th 2017

Black Combe ladies are top of the table in the English Champs after the first race at Long Mynd. Well done Lizzie, Anna and Becca!

Rookie Mar 25th 2017

lou Mar 25th 2017

What a fantastic result!! Well done ladies, brilliant result.
Make sure you get your entries in for the other Championship races.

harv Mar 25th 2017

Blimmin' eck, that's ACE.

richard w Mar 28th 2017

Well done ladies and everyone else that made it round. It was a glorious weekend so hopefully it was not too hot for you! Sorry I was a no show. I couldn't make it in the end but it would probably have been a bit far for me anyway. I did a 6 mile fell race the week earlier up the Wrekin (near Telford) and that was probably enough for me at the moment. I have signed up to the Anniversary Waltz race though in a few weeks so maybe see some of you there.

annalup Apr 1st 2017

Sorry we missed you, Rich – good luck with the An Waltz – beeaaauuuutiful race.

Right, just to recap the remaining 5 English Fell Champs races, which it would be FABULOUS, to get teams of 3 females and 5 males out for… (not that I’m excited or anything)

27 May Weets (A short) 6 miles 1804ft Barnoldswick, Dales
6 women entered: Lou, Sophie, Becca, me, Lynn, Hazel
5 men entered: Matt Rooke, Pete, John Millen, Nick, Chris Roberts
325 entered out of limit of 600 ENTRIES NOW OPEN
Blatant pressure alert – Christina – 3 weeks after the Fred, so time to get your running legs back, nice short one…? Harry – you’d sprint this, I’ll give you a lift…

17-06-17 Tebay (A medium) 8 miles 3000ft Howgills
5 women entered: me, Lou, Lynn, Sophie, Becca
5 men entered: James Harris, Harvey, John Millen, Chris Roberts, Matt Rooke
483 entered out of limit of 800. ENTRIES NOW OPEN
Blatant pressure alert – Paula – a local one and just your cup of tea..? Beth – where are you? Tim? Harry lad?

08-07-17 Wasdale (A long) 21 miles 9022ft
Entry limit of just 250. ENTRIES NOW OPEN – BE QUICK
This will be an important one. Becca can’t do it (unless I bully her into it) I’m enteerd, as is Beth.
Blatant pressure alert – Paula – it’s a long hike – perfect for you!

03-09-17 Castle Carr (A long) 14 miles 3800ft Hebden Bridge, Pennines
Entries open in July
Hollie – might you be back for this?

23-09-17 Great Whernside (short) 4 miles 1600ft York. Dales
Entries open 1st August, limit 500
Hollie – ditto?

Profuse apologies for obscene online bullying, but needs must. Beating the Ambleside females is at stake. Practically life and death.

annalup Apr 4th 2017

Sounds like poor Jackie’s injury might keep her out of racing for a good while… Heal soon Jackie.

Rookie Apr 4th 2017

Rookie Apr 18th 2017

Loughrigg tomorrow (Wed 19th):