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harv Jan 11th 2017

This year, why not have a stab at this series of races?
Google em if you don't know what I'm on about. They are GOOD. Let's get a team out.
A few of us will be galavanting about half heartedly in an ill conceived attempt at preparation. Fortnightly-ish. I will be demonstrating my "secret lines" for the Duddon (so secret even I don't know about em) throughout Feb (if the weather's alright, which it definitely won't be). We'll probably be going at a decentish clip, but you can keep up.
First up is Duddon.
5th and 19th Feb, 10:30am newfield
Then Buttermere hshoe rec. in March tba
Ennerdale in April.
I'll post further details up here as we go...

MartinC Jan 12th 2017

Count me in.:smile:

Beth Jan 12th 2017

Great idea Harv. Rippers will join the fun....though I may adapt recce routes if your 'decentish' clip turns out to be a bit indecent for me!

Great focus for 2017 – do you know how many people we need for a team, and do they have to compete in the same races? I'm assuming a team can be mixed?


Beth Jan 12th 2017

Ah, I'm guessing it's just total points that matter...

harv Jan 12th 2017

Hi Beth, yes, feel free to adapt routes accordingly, it'll be ace to have you along. You too Martin, the more the merrier. There'll be a lot of "playin it by ear" so let's just say what happens.
First 3 runners count for team I believe...not sure about mixed/male/female permutations...
Happy days

Rookie Jan 14th 2017

Sounds great. Baby sitter dependent we might join you. I think 19th is going to be a winter league on Subberthwaite to replace Roanhead and avoid clash with Badger Bar Blast.

Matt Jan 15th 2017

I will strive to make a couple of these runs - I will see how plans unfold.

Beth Jan 30th 2017

Hi Harv,
Is Duddon recce this Sat or Sunday? I've heard different things so not sure!

harv Jan 30th 2017

Sun 5th 10:30 newfield :wink:

Beth Jan 30th 2017

Cheers Harv! Tim will join you but I'm too slow so will be off bagging some Wainwrights!
Have fun!

Matt Feb 1st 2017

Sorry. I can't make this Sunday's recce. Felix would be parentless if I did and I wouldn't fancy his chances.

Rookie Feb 2nd 2017

Hi Harv, we've found a willing babysitter so intend to join you. How long do you expect to be running? Are people planning to get some food at the Newfield afterwards?

annalup Feb 3rd 2017

Excellent Harvey! I’m hoping to do a few of the classics this year. I can’t make this Sunday (my sister’s visiting) but will try to come for the next. I’ll post your message on the BCR facebook page too…

harv Feb 3rd 2017

Alright folks
Weathers lookin to be reasonable/good fer Sunday, should be good fun. Looks to be a few of us out, I reckon for those wantin to do the full route, 5 hours should be ample for an amble. I'm up for takin in steady due to a bad hip and a lively imagination, but am hoping to make it round the full route. Slow and steady wins the race. There's plenty of opportunities to bail and head back to the pub early. I reckon it'd be good to grab summat to eat after, but don't know if it'll be busy at newfield and I haven't booked or owt. P.I.B.E. Look forward to seein you all...

Pup Harris Feb 3rd 2017

Ace!!! Cheers for sorting this Pied Piper Harv! Really looking forward to it - I'm chomping at the bit!!!

harv Feb 13th 2017

Alright classic fanatics,
After a successful outing tother week, I was hoping to get out round Duddon again. It were ace last time, thanks to everyone who came out. (Special mention to Martin, who made it round the full route, despite never having run beyond 10 miles.)
Well impressed.
It's our own Black Combe fell race in 3 or 4 wks, so how about a race route recce?
This Sunday, (19th) 10:30 at whicham church.
I'm half thinking of going round it twice, so it equates roughly to the Duddon distance and ascent. You can join me on either/both circuits as your mental condition dictates.
Lap 2 12:30 from fell gate.
Apparently last year there were 1 or 2 nav issues. Some of them involving green and black vests...( and orange shorts...Ahem.) we can't let that happen again, can we?
Hope to see a few of you out

Pup Harris Feb 14th 2017

Sounds great mate! Unfortunately I'm away in Wales at the weekend. Enjoy 😃

Rookie Feb 14th 2017

How about the new Winter League from Giant's Grave on Subberthwaite at 10:30 then Black Combe as your warm down?

harv Feb 14th 2017

Ah, didn't know there was a winter league on...yep, I'll prob go with that. Good thinking batman

annalup Feb 26th 2017

Hi Harvey, do you know which date in March you’ll be recceing Buttermere Horseshoe? I’m going to try and make it.

harv Feb 26th 2017

Hi Anna, was just discussing this - how does sun 19th sound? Possibly lookin at splittin the route in 2, with honister seeming about half way... As per Duddon, the more the merrier

harv Feb 28th 2017

After further discussion, Buttermere horseshoe recce on Sunday 12th or Sunday does that grab ya?

annalup Feb 28th 2017

Great stuff. I can do either but if there’s a choice then the 12th would prob be better for me.

john_millen Feb 28th 2017

12th.. On Black Combe legs!?!:cry:

annalup Feb 28th 2017

Yep. Week after is only a week before Long Mynd so a bit close. But can do either really. You joining Millen?

john_millen Feb 28th 2017

Would love to but need to work on a pass out.

harv Feb 28th 2017

Sun 12th March (day after black Combe race)
Kirkstile inn
Full route 22 miles ish
Passing through honister 11:30 for anyone wishing to join just for the 2nd half ( still a good 11 miles or so, loads of climb)
I'll reserve a table for 3pm at kirkstile. My fave pub.
Bad weather course- circuit of crummock water and Buttermere over scarth gap n back over melbreak mebe
Thems the deets...
Hope a few of you can join us

Pup Harris Feb 28th 2017

Chomping at the bit mate - woof woof!!!

annalup Mar 1st 2017

Pub too? Hurrah!
Race details here for those wondering…
Jasmin Paris’ best time is 4:36 – it’s a loooong one.

harv Mar 11th 2017

Final deets for tomorrow sun 12th March for the superkeen/terminally daft
Buttermere horseshoe recce
Start kirkstile inn at 9
Passin thru newlands hause about 11
Honister about 12
Pub (?)
Lifts back to vehicles available afterwards

harv Apr 4th 2017

Round 3!
Wasdale horseshoe recce this sun. 20 miles 9000ft. English champs race this year, so worth a recce if you're plannin on entering, or if you've any big runs lined up you need a few miles in the legs for (?!)...
plenty of options for joining/bailing accordingly, so feel free to join us for as much/little as you like.
Meet at bracken close (NT carpark at far end of lake) at 10:30.
softly softly catchee monkey
Hope to see a few of you out...

john_millen Apr 4th 2017

I'm thinking of a half route with an earlier start. 9 bells, steady away

harv Apr 4th 2017

There goes the lie in...
Meet at bracken close NT carpark
9 am
Sunday 9th April.
Lookin forward to it

Pup Harris Apr 4th 2017

Sorry I can't join you but I'm in Wales again - got to tame that Dragon 😉

Beth Apr 7th 2017

Hi there, Tim and I will be there at 09;00.
Lynn and I (and anyone else!) will be doing a slower shorter route in Wasdale.
See you there!

harv Apr 7th 2017

Good stuff,
plenty of options for various runs goin on in wasdale this Sunday. Meet int pub after.
Martin c? Rebecca rooke? Matt Allen? Others?
Ah go on

harv Jun 12th 2017

Buttermere horseshoe sat 24th June.
Same day as Robs BG attempt ( go on rob av it!) anyone not already helpin on that, there are still entries for this. 3rd of the 4 superlongs in the classics series (you need 2 and any other to qualify, so anyone who done Duddon get on it). No EOD, 150 limit. Maybe someone savvier than me can put a link up?
Martin, (if you're reading this) you can definitely do this. Duddon was the best possible warm up.
Brilliant route
Brilliant cakes
Brilliant pub
Brilliant weather :confused:
I will totally buy you a pint :wink:

MartinC Jun 13th 2017

Sorry, can't join you for this one Harv :sad: - shame, looks like a beast of a course and I've not run around those parts before.

Here's the link for those who want to apply:

Pete T Jun 15th 2017

Just seen in the Westmoreland Gazette that Lord Harvey was 2nd at Ennerdale - brilliant result Harv.

harv Jun 16th 2017

Cheers Pete!

Beth Jun 17th 2017

Wow Harv - that's a brilliant result!! Good effort!!!