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john_millen Dec 4th 2016

Attached are the 2017 BCR Champs races. Nice and early so you can get 'em written in your filofaxes.

Big push this year for the Lakeland Classic races.



Pete T Dec 5th 2016

Great choices John.

jshev1 Dec 7th 2016

The Montane Trail 26 - Grizedale - Sunday 5th February 2017 is showing as already full

karl Dec 7th 2016

It appears that both the 26 and 13 mile.... this one in the BCR champs....are full already, so any chance of reinstating a marathon in our road champs?
Some clubs like Cumberland AC put any marathon in the UK in their club champs so majors such as London count, and more locally based races to.
Like park run, what do you think of this suggestion?
It doesn't tie you down to a set date and you have the best part of a year to get your long done if nothing else takes your fancy.
Club members there who do more than one marathon will get their best one counting for their champs.

john_millen Dec 7th 2016

Ok Karl, good idea. Any official British Athletics (i.e. measured course) marathon will be permitted as a Long counter. As long as you post your results on here plus the winning time.

Thanks for the head's up, John Shev.


Pete T Dec 8th 2016

Good idea Karl.

Chris R Jan 4th 2017

If the Montane trail race was a half (in the club champs) is it any half marathon or marathon to count instead, or just marathons? I just wondered as I might run a half or two but probably no marathons this year.

Chris Roberts

john_millen Jan 4th 2017

Marathons only. Hoad half is in there.

jshev1 Jan 4th 2017

Just checking is the Lorton 10k in March the Lorton School 10k 11/3/17 ?

karl Jan 4th 2017

This race will clash with our own organised Black Combe fell race.

john_millen Jan 6th 2017

Yes John it is. Good race, nice and hilly with stunning views.

Clashes are inevitable given the dearth of road races to choose from, Karl. :cry:

Becca Feb 15th 2017

Entires are now open for the Windmill Race here:

This is one of the Long races in this year's club road championships. £10 online entry, limit of 200.

You need five races to count for the series including one short, medium, and long. :)

Sophie Mar 9th 2017

The current scores are now up on the website: 2017 Champs

If anyone’s done a Parkrun that I’ve missed let me know :)

karl Mar 9th 2017

Was this my 21st Jan Park Run at Millom result on the table?
If so, what would I have scored if NYEs counted? I was 2m 58s quicker that day at my first ever Park Run, on the last day of 2016.

Sophie Mar 9th 2017

Yes it was Karl.

Your points for the other Parkrun would have been:
65 scratch
69 handicap

Plenty of time to get those scores or better!

Becca Mar 16th 2017

Breaking news… Lorton 10k is out of the road champs and Dalton 10k is in. It’s on Friday 19th May. You can pre enter it here

Sue Mar 20th 2017

Hi Sophie,
Will is missing from the Champs table as he did the Badger Bar too.

Rookie Mar 25th 2017

I found some Coniston 14 results. Top 10 for Lord Harvey and at least one half-marathon PB (Simon).

Race Number
First Name
Gender Position
Category Position
Gun Time
Overall Position
Chip Time
Chip Position





Rookie Mar 25th 2017

Winner 01:16:37

Rookie Mar 25th 2017

karl Mar 25th 2017

I've added these times to our Facebook page.

Rookie Apr 20th 2017

A good turnout from BCR for the club fell champs short race counter at Loughrigg. Provisional results

JamesG Apr 21st 2017

Results and times now in. An impressive 12 BCR’s completed the race. The winner was Josh Jardine of Helm Hill in 27.21and the BCR’s were 27th Lizzie Browne 31.07, 40th John Millen 32.26, 45th Matt Rooke 32.37, 72nd Rob Browne 34.54, 81st Gavin Lloyd 35.10, 97th Nick Sebley 36.46, 110th Simon Austin 37.58, 128th Julian Donelly 39.39, 136th Mike Jewell 40.32, 142nd James Goffe 42.06, 150th Chris Roberts 43.24, 165th Sue Ross 44.15.

JamesG May 1st 2017

I missed this race due to family commitments but note that we had a very good BCR turnout for this race. The race was won by Tom Addison of Helm hill in 1.08.13. BCR’s were: Tim Ripper 20th in 1.22.46, Josh Hartley 21st in 1.22.47 (was this a battle to the finish or a virtual tie?), Simon Rodger 35 in 1.28.03, Pete Tayler 73 in 1.36.22, Nick Sebley 96 in 1.39.35, Phil Clayton 105 ib 1.41.54, Julian Donnelly 114 in 1.43.42, Gareth Brown 116 in 1.43.58, Martin Currie 136 in 1.46.32, 138 Simon Austin in 1.46.52, Mike Jewell 141 in 1.47.31, Pat McIver 159 in 1.51.07, Sue Ross 201 in 2.03.45. Also running for Hoad Hill but often seen at BCR WTL and socials Paul Caine 169 in 1.55.25. Well done all!

Becca May 8th 2017

One of my minions has now updated the scores…
Great to see another good BCR turnout at Eskdale Elevation at the weekend :)

karl May 11th 2017

Results of the Eskdale Elevation fell race are now online and are as follows:

John Millen 2:32.41
Phil Clayton 2:54.31
William Ross 3:01.30
Nick Webley 3:06.35
Lynn Murray 3:18.52
Susan Ross 3:35.56

The winners were John Helme (Ambleside AC) and Sue Richmond (Pennine Fell Runners) in 2:00.57 and 2:54.01.

Me thinks as this is a new event the ladies course record will be smashed next year and the men's time will also drop to below 2 hours.

JamesG May 19th 2017

Dalton 10K results were:
Winner – Ross Campbell of Barrow Striders 33.43 and first lady was Katie Waite also of Barrow Striders in 40.42.

BCR’s were
3rd Lord Harvey 37.05
5th John Millen 37.32
52 John Shevelan 45.57
62 James Goffe 47.22
85 Ian Verber 51.19

Also among the other runners was Helen Walker running for Barrow Striders but who often joins us for Tuesday nights just 5 seconds behind me and running a new 10K PB on this hilly course!

karl May 21st 2017

The Brathay Windermere marathon took place today, and as any UK marathon counts towards the champs, I presume if you do more than one marathon in 2017, your best result counts.

Winning times were 2:47.48 and 3:15.41 for Mark Goudge and Sally Ford respectively.
I was the only BCR there and clocked 4:47.20.
All the times are available on the TDL events website just look for 2017 Brathay marathon.

annalup May 21st 2017

Well done Karl!

Becca May 22nd 2017

The scores have been updated (

Well done everyone who’s been getting out racing! :bigsmile:

JamesG Jun 4th 2017

Duddon Valley Fell Race was the next in the BC champs this year. The winner in 2.53.19 was Rob Jebb of Bingley and his other half, Sharon Taylor was first lady in 3.40.19. The Black Come finishers were:
12th Harvey Lord 3.17.35, 18th Tim Ripper 3.25.12, 38th John Millen 3.50.31, 48th Matt Rooke 3.59.10, 68th Pete Tayler 4.17.43, 74th Martin Currie 4.41.54

We also had the Duddon Short – still a decent challenge of 9.5 miles over challenging terrain with plenty of ascent and 7 BCR’s ran this. This was won by John Murfin of Settle Harriers in 1.35.54 and first lady was Catherine Niblock of Helm Hill. The BCR’s were:
7th Gareth Brown, 8th Nick Sebley, 9th John Parminter, 11th Will Ross, 13th Lynn Murray, 14th Chris Roberts and 21 Hazel Tayler. Lynn was second lady and 1st LV and Nick Sebley and John Parminter also picked up prizes.

This race is run with help from BCR, Will handled the on line pre-entries, Mike Berry looked after the dibber entry system and we were also grateful to Chris Roberts for borrowing dibber boxes and spare dibbers from his orienteering club and also to anyone else who helped on the day.

Pete T Jun 4th 2017

A well organised day as always James, thanks to all who helped.

karl Aug 10th 2017

The annual Ulverston Hoad Summer 10km road race took place on Wednesday, 9th August and was the latest in the BCR club champs.

The winner was Ross "the boss" Campbell of Striders in 33:33.
Winning lady well outside Lizzie's course record. Vicky Johnston clocking 41:33.

BCR times for purpose of updating the tables were:

Simon Austin 43:35
James Goffe 46:42 MV55
Mike Jewell 48:24 MV55
Ian Verber 52:36 MV65
Rob McKeever 53:40 MV65
Karl Fursey 57:43 MV45.

Hattie Rooke took part in the fun run over 1 mile and clocked 29:07, a remarkable time for a two year old, and quite likely the youngest ever junior to complete this race.

Becca Sep 4th 2017

The club champs scores have been updated for Bootle Show
Thank you Sophie. :)

Current leaders in the fell champs are John Millen and Sue Ross with Nick Sebly as top handicap score. But there are still 3 races to go… Scafell Pike on 16th September, Langdale on 7th October, and Kirkby Moor on 25th November.

John Millen is also top of the road champs table, with Sophie as top girl and Ian Verber top handicap score. Races left are Ulverston 5k on Wednesday night (6th September) and Allithwaite 8 on 4th November. There’s also plenty of chances to do Barrow, Ulverston, and Millom Park runs and any UKA registered marathon.

Get racing and some silverware could be yours!

karl Sep 6th 2017

Latest BCR club champs counter race took place on Wednesday evening at Ulverston 5km.
For the purpose of updating the website champs table.

Winning times were 15:12 for the men and 18:39 for the ladies, but a special mention must go to 12 year old schoolgirl Olesia Winder of Leven Valley AC who finished in 18:43, 12 being the minimum age to enter a 5k.

BCR times were:
Harvey Lord 17:07.
Simon Austin 19:41.
Chris Roberts MV60 22:49.
Ian Verber MV65 24:34....first MV65 prize, bottle of red wine, I have it and will bring to next social run.
Me MV45 27:25 official time...missed start, watch time was 26:30.

Also the wonderful Conrad Slater (not a BCR) at 82 years of age finished in 33:00 after suffering a stroke not so long ago.

karl Oct 16th 2017

The Langdale Horseshoe fell race results are up and for the updating of the website champs table are as follows:

Winning time was 2:13.14 for Carl Bell and 2:44.09 for the ladies (Kelli Roberts).

BCR only had three participants:
James Harris 2:56.58
Nick Sebley 3:24.36
John Evason 3:37.30