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Beth Jul 13th 2016

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know I’m planning on having a crack at the Bob Graham in a couple of weeks… I’ll be starting at 10pm on Friday 12th August, running clockwise and aiming for ~23hr schedule.

If anybody would be around and interested in cheering me on, it would be great to see you and would really help to keep me motivated! I’ve included some details below so you know where we’re up to at the moment. Fingers crossed for a good weather window!

Thank you to everybody who has offered to help out, I really appreciate it!

Support team below:

Leg 1 – John Millen/Matt Allen (Doddick descent)
Leg 2 – Will Ross/Pat McIver (Off Dollywaggon, will take track to west of Grisedale Tarn)
Leg 3 – Pete Tayler/Mike Vogler (Sergeant Man first. Broad stand.)
Broad Stand – Alex & Rosie Stothert
Leg 4 – Tim Ripper/Col Rhodes (Yewbarrow lower trail)
Leg 5 – Haze Tayler/Sue Ross (Off Robinson, take eastern trail (the one that drops earliest). Road shoes change - will stay on road for return to Keswick).
Road Support Director – Haze :bigsmile:

Rough timings:

Moot Hall leave 22:00
Threlkeld arrive 01:49
Threlkeld leave 01:59
Dunmail arrive 06:29
Dunmail leave 06:44
Wasdale arrive 12:44
Wasdale leave 12:59
Honister arrive 17:58
Honister leave 18:13
Moot hall arrive (and drink a celebratory cup of tea!) 21:09 :)

Pat Jul 13th 2016

Hi Beth, Last time I crossed to the West of Grisedale Tarn a large section of the path had slipped down the hillside. Is there a trod now? Haven't been up there since the floods.

Beth Jul 13th 2016

Oh, thanks Pat, I'm not sure...It's a while since I've been there. Has anyone been that way recently?
Thanks for spotting,

JamesG Jul 13th 2016

I am available that weekend so can offer myself as back up if required.

Beth Jul 14th 2016

Thanks James, that would be great if you wouldn’t mind! Thank you! :bigsmile:

If you and anyone else in the club fancies running on the day, it would be great to see people on Leg 5…I think this has happened on other BGR attempts too and it would be great to see people! I think for Tim's Bob lots of people joined for the last road section...a nice boost at the end!

Thanks again,

JamesG Jul 17th 2016

Thanks – I enjoyed doing leg 5 with Tim and its nice to be in on the final celebration – we hope!

Beth Aug 20th 2016

Hello everyone,

Huge thanks again to everyone for your support during my “foul weather recce” of legs 1-3! I’m keen to have another crack at the Bob when I’m a bit recovered and was wondering whether people might be up for another day out in the hills? This time, I think I might need to reserve Friday/Saturday for 2 weekends to give me the option to postpone if the weather isn’t looking good.

Very provisionally (depends on how I recover) ….please could you let me know if you may be able to run/support on the following start dates (starting around 09.30/10pm?):
· Friday 23rd September
· Saturday 24th September
· Friday 7th October
· Saturday 8th October

Please could you let me know if you’re interested/available at all and I’ll see what might be the best plan?


jamieb Aug 22nd 2016

Should be available to help both weekends Beth.

Matt Aug 24th 2016

I am free on all of those dates.

harv Aug 24th 2016

Hi Beth,
I'm available on the 23rd/24th Sep if required...

Beth Sep 1st 2016

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for offering to help me out - it really means a lot! It looks like the best weekend at the moment is 23/24th September, so if we hold the Sat & Sun that would be great. I'll probably be going for a start time around 21:30/22:00 again, on a roughly 23hr schedule.

The people I have down as available to support that weekend are listed below. Please let me know if there are any legs that you're particularly strong on, or would work out best with your family commitments, and I'll see what might be best.

Super happy though - this looks like a great team again! Fingers crossed for calm weather this time!


Matt Allen
Will Ross
Pete Tayler
Mike Vogler
Tim Ripper
Haze Tayler
Sue Ross
James Goffe
Peter Grayson (Bowfell rescue stop!)
Helen Walker (Bowfell rescue stop!)
Jamie Baron
Matt Thompson
Harvey Lord

DSM (TBC) - Broad stand?
John Millen (TBC)
Pat McIver (TBC)
Rob McKeever (Sunday only)
Col Rhodes (TBC)

john_millen Sep 1st 2016

Sorry Beth, I'm definitely away. SMASH IT! 😊

Beth Sep 1st 2016

No worries John, thanks for letting me know... I'll be thinking of you on Skiddaw!! :shocked:

Pat Sep 4th 2016

Hi Beth, I can do 23/24th. Happy to do any leg. Night navigation also.

Petros Sep 6th 2016

Please note I’m not available on the Sunday.

Beth Sep 8th 2016

Brilliant - thank you everyone, I'll have a look at teams for each leg and get back to you asap! :bigsmile:

Beth Sep 8th 2016

Hi everyone,

Ok, so here's the rough plan! Weather permitting, I'll aim to start at 21:30 on Friday 23rd September, running clockwise on a ~23hr schedule. Proposed support below... please let me know if anything is likely to be a problem and we can shuffle. If the support crew could please keep the Sunday free too that would be really helpful in case we need to delay due to weather... :shocked:

Huge thanks again to everybody who has offered to help out! If anyone else is around and fancies cheering me on (anywhere along the round or at the finish!) that would just be amazing. Fingers crossed for better weather this time!!


Support team below:

Leg 1 – Mike Vogler/Matt Thompson (Doddick descent)
Leg 2 – Will Ross/Pat McIver/Harvey Lord (Off Dollywaggon, will take track to west of Grisedale Tarn)
Leg 3 – Pete Tayler/Matt Allen (Sergeant Man first. Broad stand.)
Bowfell support point (meet before climb up to Bowfell) - Helen Walker/Peter Grayson
Broad Stand – *TBC*
Leg 4 – Tim Ripper/Jamie Baron (Yewbarrow lower trail)
Leg 5 – Haze Tayler/Sue Ross. Rob McKeever (Sun only)/James Goffe also supporting for this leg. Road shoes change (will stay on road for return to Keswick).
Road Support Director – Haze :bigsmile:

I'll send though rough timings once I've had a chance to play with the schedule a bit. Thanks everyone!

Pat Sep 12th 2016

All good.

Beth Sep 20th 2016

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know I'm planning to send out my updated schedule late this evening/tomorrow. Keeping an eye on the weather - unfortunately the calm, clear weather isn't set to last, heavy rain/strong winds are forecast for the weekend.
Things could change though so will keep you posted...

Beth Sep 21st 2016

Hi everyone, I'm afraid the forecast is still uncertain for the weekend and the high winds are not looking great, so I will let everyone know for sure whether we go ahead or not by tomorrow evening. Thanks all for holding on for me, I'll let you know either way as soon as I can...

Beth Sep 22nd 2016


Hello everyone...just a quick note to say that the weather forecast doesn't seem to be improving - high winds are forecast for the weekend. This doesn't feel like the right weekend to be going for it so regrettably we will have to call off plans. Thanks all for supporting, recce-ing and generally being awesome!

I am casually looking at the 7th/8th October, but in a fairly noncommittal way! Don't hold this especially as the weather/light at this time of year makes an attempt less likely. You never know though. If I do go that weekend, it will most likely be a last minute decision, so I will let you know. Otherwise...looking forward to spring and we can have a good club day out!

Please could you help to spread the word to all who have kindly offered to support?
Thanks everyone.

Matt Rooke Rebecca Rooke Matthew Thompson William Ross Harvey Lord Pat McIver Jamie Baron Tim Ripper Hazel Tayler Pete Tayler Matt Allen Helen Walker Sue Hodkinson Rob Mckeever James Goffe Peter Grayson John Millen Lizzie Browne Rob Browne Dave Scott-Maxwell

Beth Oct 6th 2016

Weather this weekend is looking good...if anyone fancies a trot out this weekend let me know!
Proposing 9pm start on Sat. :shocked:
Fingers crossed...

Beth Jan 23rd 2017

Hello again...

I wasn't planning on setting a date this early but given the rate that weekends are filling up with activities it seems I should probably get myself organised for another attempt! I have tried to avoid clashes with BCR champs, bank hols, Lakeland classics etc...These are the preferred weekends to pencil in...

5/6/7 May
12/13/14 May (clash with Fairfield)
14/15/16 July (clash with Kentmere)

At the moment I prefer the May options as it gives two weekends to watch the weather, but we'll see how we go. If people are about I'd be super grateful for any support again. Will keep you posted!

Thanks everyone!

Beth Apr 5th 2017

Hi everyone,
Just a quick note to say I'm still aiming for a 12/13/14 May attempt (all being well with training and dodgy knees over the next few weeks!). If you're still able to support that weekend, that would be really fantastic and would mean a lot.
Fingers crossed for better weather and a bit more luck this time... :)

Beth Apr 29th 2017

Hi everyone,
Afraid the planned date of 12/13/14 May is not looking likely as I have ongoing knee issues so will not be ready in time. Alternative options are looking to be the bank holiday weekend at end of May, or more likely mid/late July.... I'll be able to let you know closer to the time.
Thanks all who have been holding the dates for me, I'm super grateful and it really does mean a lot...
...maybe the stars will align for me one day. :sad:

JamesG Apr 30th 2017

Very wise – it is tough enough without going into it with an injury!

Beth May 1st 2017

Thanks James, it's kind of you to say...will let you know when I'm good to go! :)

Beth May 29th 2017

OK team! Just thought I'd get some dates out for my next crack at the Bob..! A "Beth Ripper Bob Attempt" is never short of excitement - foul weather, navigational mishaps and broken limbs are all par for the course. If you fancy joining the fun, please could you let me know your availability on the following dates and if you have any leg preferences?

Friday 7th July (around 10pm start Thursday)
Saturday 8th July (around 10pm start Friday- this one would clash with Wasdale)
Sunday 9th July (around 10pm start Sat)

Friday 14th July (around 10pm start Thursday)
Saturday 15th July (around 10pm start Friday)
Sunday 16h July (around 10pm start Saturday)

Thanks everyone!


Matt May 30th 2017

I think that I am around for all of these days. Running the Fridays is a bit more troublesome due to work in the morning but I could head you off at something like Green Gable and then accompany you to the end. Although, it may be possible to persuade me to take Friday as leave and to join you for multiple legs on the basis that it would be good training for my attempt - I suppose the bigger question is whether you can handle my incredible chat for such a long period.

Beth May 30th 2017

That's brilliant Matt, thanks very much! Incredible chat would be most welcome! might be my Leg 3 man....! :bigsmile:

JulianD May 31st 2017

Hi Beth, looks like I'm free for all of those dates.

Beth May 31st 2017

That's great news Julian - thank you!

Beth Jun 8th 2017

Hello everyone! Thank you for all the kind offers of support for my BG attempt. :)

Below is a rough plan assuming ~10pm start on Friday 7th July. (We just don't know what the weather will be doing then, so may have to push back 24 hrs or start early on Friday. We'll see who is available if we opt to change plans, but hoping to stick with this plan)

So here goes:

Leg 1 - Matthew Allen, Patrick McIver
Leg 2 - Julian Donnelly, William Ross, Tim Ripper(TBC)
Leg 3 - Pete Tayler, Matthew Thompson
Leg 4 - Tim Ripper, Gareth Brown, Col Rhodes (TBC)
Leg 5 - Hazel Tayler, Lynn Murray, Sue Hodkinson

A few others have also said they're available if needed, and this is great, thank you. I'd be pleased to see folk anywhere on the round!

I'll send through rough timings for a 23hr schedule when I'm back from hols...

Thanks! :)

Beth Jul 2nd 2017

Hello everyone! Here's the rough plan for BG attempt next week...

Leg 1 - Matthew Allen, Julian Donnelly (Kathleen Gill), (Patrick McIver TBC).
Leg 2 - William Ross, Tim Ripper (Pete Ferris TBC)
Leg 3 - Pete Tayler, Matthew Thompson
Broad Stand - DSM
Leg 4 - Tim Ripper, Dan Hartley (Matthew Thompson TBC)
Leg 5 - Hazel Tayler, Lynn Murray, Sue Hodkinson

Road Support Leads:
Threlkeld - Tim
Dunmail - Hazel (with Pete - Pete running Leg 3)
Wasdale - Hazel (with Tim - Tim running Leg 4)
Honister - Pete (with Hazel - Haze running Leg 5)
(Pete & Haze, I'll be in touch by email with food plan etc)

Approx. timings for 23:30 schedule:
Depart Moot Hall 22:00
Arrive Threlkeld 01:49
Depart Threlkeld 01:59
Arrive Dunmail 06:29
Leave Dunmail 06:44
ETA Scafell Pike 11:42 for Broad Stand around midday - DSM will have this roped up for me. Matt Thompson, it's likely I'll send you ahead to climb Broad Stand before I get there. I'm not a confident climber so will need you to help me route find after Broad Stand. Pete will catch us up! :)
Arrive Wasdale 13:00
Leave Wasdale 13:15 (unless I get stuck in a portaloo) ;)
Arrive Honister 18:16
Leave Honister 18:31
Arrive Moot Hall 21:30

Hope that makes sense. Please shout if anything isn't clear. If people could help me sort logistics out, that would be ace.

Also, please don't be nice to me on the day - expect I'll need a bit of bullying to get round. I respond better to direction rather than choices.

Fingers crossed now for reasonable weather and manageable pain..!!

Let's do this thing.

Sue Jul 4th 2017

Tim, would you be able to drive my car back to Keswick from Honister?