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HelenW May 1st 2014

Unfortunately, I can't make this this year as I'm working away that week. However, I recommend it highly: it was a brilliant run last year. Highlights included having to form a human chain to pull Rosie out of the mud and dashing into Millom chippy with Sue just before they closed to declare, "We'll take everything you've got, just bag it up..." Not to be missed (unless you're in Stockport that week).

karl May 6th 2014

This Tuesday is the turn of my annual run across the Duddon Estuary.

A pre-recce of the route was done over the weekend and I'm pleased to say there were no problems with quicksand to report, however, the main Duddon channel was shorts deep in both directions whilst all the other minor channels were between ankle and shin deep.

The route is to Askam shore where the village's Duddon Road meets the beach before heading along the shore to Dunnerholme rock and crossing back over to Millom marsh. We cross south of the end of the rock rather than where it descends steeply into the channel as that's where it's deep, yet 50 yards further down it's much shallower...knee depth.

As always I'd recommend old running don't want to get your best road, trail or fell shoes full of sand, and possible mud, coming ashore back at Millom.

It's fish and chips back at my house after, and as mentioned above we cut it fine last year just catching them before it's 8:30 close, (my fault, as it was 6:40 when we set off) so to ensure that doesn't happen I will need to go prompt on 6:30...more so as this run is just 76 hours after I finish the Keswick to Barrow walk / run, so am not likely to be particularly quick on the night.

Committee Members: There's also a committee meeting at mine after the run and Rob has already sent out the agenda via email.

  Will May 7th 2014

Sue suggests that we pre-order the fish and chips this time and tell them we’ll pick it all up at 8.30. That way nobody is left sharing a peculiar sausage.

I don’t mind delivering the order and then trying to catch you up. I’ll probably take the car down to the shore for the dogs anyway.

  Will May 13th 2014

Actually, no I can’t. I won’t be able to come tonight. Sorry, Karl. Too much going on.

If there is a meeting, I think the summer challenge is excellent this year. Very nice route. Start at midnight? I don’t mind a night leg.

And here are some runs we could consider:

  • Dow Crag and White Maiden from Torver
  • Wetherlam from Tilberthwaite
  • Black and White Combe from Corney top
  • White Pike and Caw from the Newfield
  • Hampsfell and Humphrey Head?
  • Duddon Furnace and Frith Hall
  • Lost on Birker
  • Whin Rigg from Giggle Alley
  • Grey Friar and Dow

DaveW May 15th 2014

Claire and I didn't make it either .. sorry and apologies .. still recovering from Fred Whitton ... Will's run suggestions look good .. I know the 'B' run option of Dow Crag\White Maiden if a leader is required.(B run 'just' goes to White Maiden .. Sue led it last time .. guess she cant this time ):bigsmile:

karl Sep 3rd 2017


Please read the second posting above as the route will be to Askam, unless there's alot of rain on Monday, when I will have to change it to Kirkby.
After the run, we are at the Bear on the Square pub. A committee meeting is also scheduled to take place there. No pre-booking of food is required, or ordering your meal before the run, which will leave on time and we should be back in the square by or before 8:15, which is after sunset. Headtorches aren't needed as we'll have enough twilight to get back before darkness kicks in. Forecast is looking decent at the mo.

Old shoes best, channels are shorts / thigh deep and dogs will need to be carried across if they are coming. Channels have changed course since 2014s estuary run thanks to the shifting sands when I reccied both routes recently, there's more spartina further out from the shore and you'll change from being on firm to soft sand regularly, which will slow your pace, plus there's mud and it's slippery in places, especially on the marsh in the early and last part of the run.

karl Sep 5th 2017

Tonight's estuary crossing run will be going to Kirkby, rather than Askam, due to the recent wet weather since the weekend. The channels will be deeper and faster flowing in that area. Even the Kirkby route expect the channels to be shorts / thigh deep, rather than knee deep when I reccied it.