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  1. Social Runs
    ..for talking about past and future runs, meeting places and pubs.
    Discussions: 611
  2. Newsletters
    On the rare occasions when a newsie is published, a pdf version will go in here too.
    Discussions: 18
  3. Black Combe races
    for talking about the races run by BCR: Dunnerdale, Kirkby Moor, Black Combe, Caw.
    Discussions: 73
  4. Black Combe championships
    for discussion of the championships: choice of races, adjustments, performances...
    Discussions: 102
  5. Fell (and other) races
    for talking about other races: recommendations, preparation, travel, reconnaissance, advice.
    Discussions: 287
  6. Everything else
    Anything else you'd like to talk about is welcome in here. Almost anything.
    Discussions: 331